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Prophecy by Davage003

Taken individually, each figure came out beautifully. Your lighting and the scene props all seem to work well together and don't look o...

Master and Student by ThreeElves

I like the lighting of your scene. Looking at it gives me the impression of an early morning with master and student. I like the way th...

Before I start, I want to say that sometimes you have to be able to give harsh criticism, even though you want to be encouraging. So wi...

A place to relax 3 by MichaelG1234

Man! As a fellow Octane User, I've got to tip my hat. The only thing that I would like to point out is that they reflections of the lig...


Wonder Woman Prototypes by will2power71
Wonder Woman Prototypes
I wanted to continue working on my looks for Wonder Woman's classic outfit. These were a couple of the prototype looks that I came up with as far as how she would look when everything's completed. The classic One Piece is materials only right now --I haven't done any work with the UV maps, and I may not stick with it. In fact, I'm considering that since I'm doing the Man of Steel Version of Superman and the Dark Knight Verson of Batman, I may do a more realistic version of the Wonder Woman Armor.     
Superman Prototype by will2power71
Superman Prototype
I am not modeling Supes's costume from scratch. There! I said it! LOL.  Actually, the version of the costume that I wanted already existed. Many thanks to Iceboy and his freebie available at Renderosity. I converted the figure to The Genesis 2 Male. I have to do some fixing in Zbrush, but the basic texture job is spot on and didn't really much other than tweaking the settings in Iray to suit my tastes.

And now let's talk about what I don't like. The HAIR. I hate it!

I am going to be spending a great deal of time in Zbrush over the next few days. There's just no alternative. Garibaldi Express and LAMH might have worked, but neither of them work in Iray right now, so I'm going to have to do it in Zbrush. Since Iray doesn't take ages to render fibermesh hair, I have a real chance to make some figures that make you say "Wow!"

Stay tuned. There's more to come.
Wonder Woman Prototype by will2power71
Wonder Woman Prototype
The Wonder woman costume that you see here is custom designed. It hasn't been completely surfaced yet, There are no shortage of Wonder Woman outfits out there for V4, and there are some good ones but none of them fit the look I was after. This is a single piece that's designed specifically for the Genesis 2 Female figure. 

Since this is a prototype, I just used some Black hair that was kind of close to what I wanted. This will not be her final hair piece. I'm actually designing a fibermesh hair set for her that goes back to the look that I find most appealling. I don't want the hair to look like trans-mapped hair--I want it to look as realistic as I can get it. 

It's nothing on the wonderful Vendors at DAZ because they do great work. It's just this particular project, I don't want to compromise and I want to really push Iray and see what it can do. 
Batman Prototype by will2power71
Batman Prototype
I'm working on my own 3D Justice League, using the Genesis 2 figures. This is the beginnings of the Dark Knight. I started working on them yesterday and I made a lot of progress. Basically, I wanted to get the characters to possess individuality. I see a lot of times where people just take the standard figure and then don't put a lot of effort into making them stand out. I wanted each figure to have a dynamic look that captures personality. Eventually, I want to do a proper render where the capes don't look like 3d and the expressions make me think "this person is serious"...

Right now, I'm pleased with the progress. This is just the basic suit. Today I'm working on the pads and the helmet so that when it's finished it's as close the Dark Knight version of Batman that I can get. I will note a couple of things, though:

I did not turn the muscularity all the way up. I never liked the depictions of Batman as being some kind of SWOLE. A man with a physique that size would call way too much attention to himself. 

I am not doing the Dark Knight Helmet. There are things about it that I like, like making it into an actual helmet --but the shape really didn't do it for me. I'm going for a more classic look combined with the idea of it being a helmet. 

Stay tuned. More is to come!
Interior Image Test Iray by will2power71
Interior Image Test Iray
This is my first render in Iray. I haven't done anything with the render materials of the figure -that's why her hair is so shiny. I was actually testing out Real Lights for DAZ Studio Iray I'd had the Utopia Deck C Model for a while, but I put it aside because I could never get the kind of lighting out of it that I wanted. I could light the scene, but getting the tube lights and overhead lights and the floor lights to look like they were the actual sources of light in the scene never really came out the way that I wanted. They always looked flat and unappealing. I'm not an expert at DAZ Lighting at all, so this makes for a very interesting case. 

This was my first Iray Render. Other than adding the Iray Uber-base shader to all the materials, I did nothing other than assign the Real lights shader presets to the lights in the material settings. This is the result. This is the default render with no post work. 
I don't know why I'm so resistant to the idea, but I'm not a Photoshop guy... For what I do, I just can't see it as something to invest a lot of time in. Now down't beat me up  --I know a lot of professionals swear out by it, and with good reason. But for someone like me, It's really just too much. I actually find myself getting more distracted by all the features, than I would just using Sketchbook Pro.

Most of the time, I'm trying to learn more about laying out a scene, posing the characters and bringing it all together to make a composition. Granted, I'm nowhere near being able to do all of what I just said --but I think it's easy to get caught up in masking levels, channels and all it's amazingly useful features. But when it comes down to it, none of this is going to make me any better at drawing. So I've decided not to pursue photoshop. Instead, I'm going to concentrate a little more on drawing and using tools to help me ink what I draw. When I can sit down and draw a comic page that really leaps off the page, then I think I'll be ready to spend some time learning the ins and outs of Photoshop.

Many thanks to my Sister for teasing me mercilessly about digital drawing.


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